About Canal Credit Repair

Canal Credit Repair powered by Xpert Credit Repair is a premier credit restoration company with offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. (Really, come by and say Hi!) Xpert Credit Repair was founded in 2005 by Chris Ebert. Since then, he has led a team of credit repair experts to help tens of thousands of clients achieve higher credit scores. We are licensed and bonded in the states that we conduct business.

Canal Credit Repair Success
Canal Credit Repair Success


Even though I have owned credit repair companies since 2005, I believe in experience much more than the years you have worked in an industry. To me, experience is seeing and recognizing patterns in my trade craft. My goal is to articulate what I see and create actionable plans to put clients in a better position to achieve their credit goals.


It is a practice because the techniques that I used in 2007 no longer work today. We are consistently evolving, adapting older processes, and testing new strategies. Debt collectors and credit bureaus have adjusted over the years too. My goal is to provide the best results for our clients. I have lead teams of credit repair experts with my own proprietary software since 2005. Together we have implemented systems to help tens of thousands of our clients achieve results that other credit repair companies can not match.


I define success in marrying experience and practice to create a credit repair company that helps more clients achieve their goals by enriching their credit standing. With our guidance clients have the best information, support team, and coaching team the credit repair industry has to offer

Together we achieve more!