What makes Canal Credit Repair different?


Xpert Credit Repair began operations in 2005. Chris Ebert began in the credit repair industry full time in 2003. We have survived the ups and downs of economic cycles.


The process that any credit repair company uses will determine the successful outcome of your credit restoration. Our process is broken into 3 components.


First we educate our clients as to how the credit scoring system really works. We help them create an actionable game plan on building positive credit and maintaining it. We even will go over past financial mistakes to explain how they could have been avoided or the credit score damages could have been minimized.

   Challenging creditors / debt collectors

We do not dispute with the credit bureaus. We have found that most errors can be found and corrected more easily with the data furnisher. Despite what you may have heard, most consumers have stronger rights when challenging debt collectors / creditors.

When you hire us to dispute with your creditors:

  • All your documentation from the debt collector / creditor  responses come directly to us. You do not have to send mail to us.
  • We attempt to remove incorrect and outdated addresses, phone numbers, incorrect social and date of birth being reported by the credit bureaus in the first 30 days
  • We do not charge for work that has not been performed


Consumer Credit Attorney

We refer our clients to J. Gannon Helstowski Law Firm because we care about our clients’ results. We are trained to spot violations and problems with our clients’ accounts. The attorneys use their ability to sue over violations to possibly get our clients money with possible deletions from the credit report. There is no upfront fee to our clients. Our clients only pay if the attorneys collect money or obtain a removal from the credit report because of the violations.


Always remember that you are giving your most sensitive information to the credit repair company you hire. Make sure it is a wise choice.

Canal Credit Repair ensures your security by:

We own our processing software. Most credit repair companies rent or lease software to process your credit repair file. The credit repair company you hired has no control over your sensitive data once it enters the software. In fact, many contracts with the credit repair companies state that the software company OWNS your data.

We do not outsource our processing. Many credit repair companies (especially small ones) outsource the processing of your file to companies inside and outside the United States. This may make the credit repair company more money but who has control over your sensitive data?

We do all of the work on your file. All employees are W-2 employees. We have an extensive criminal background search internally and we employ an outside agency to also confirm the criminal and employment backgrounds of our employees. We review employee credit reports and criminal background searches annually,

Employees work in our office. We have offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Our employees work from the office. Many credit repair companies operate out of their home. Their employees operate out of their own homes. It is almost impossible to monitor what people are doing with your information when there is not a central location to work from.

Work environment is monitored. All of our offices are video monitored inside the office and outside the office. The locks to the processing and customer service departments are monitored and opened via fingerprints. Our computers are secure and key logged. All phone recordings are recorded.